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Clarus the Dogcow Terminal
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Clarus the Dogcow

Clarus the Dogcow

Owner: Daniel Black

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Clarus the DogCow is a bitmapped image created by Susan Kare in 1984 along with the Macintosh. The term "DogCow" was first coined by Scott Zimmerman and Ginger Jernigan.[1] Mark “The Red” Harlan named the dogcow “Clarus” as a joking reference to Claris, Apple’s office software unit at the time.[1] The sound she makes is “Moof!” The image of the dogcow was used to show the orientation and color of the paper in Mac OS page setup dialog boxes. Clarus was apart of the Apple "icon garden" that was in front of One Infinite Loop from 1993-1998, when Steve Jobs took the icons down. Interestingly enough, Apple still trademarks both "DogCow" and "Moof".

Brief description: Moof!