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MC Domination in Mavericks

jackiu on MacRumors.com shows us how to open MC Domination in Mavericks …did I just hear a standing ovation ?


right click on MC Domination in your applications and click show package contents, click in the contents folder, then MacOS then double click on the MC Domination file, it will open in terminal and MC Domination will begin running in the background, click on its icon in the dock and you're done.

You can right click on the executable and click make alias then drag that onto your desktop so you don't have to navigate through the folders each time.

To sum up - right click/show package contents - Contents>MacOS - Open MC Domination


martineztherock adds:

This is how I got it to work.

Step by step:
1. Right click the Application (MC Domination) and click on "Show Package Contents".
2. open the Contents folder
3. edit the "Info.plist" file (You can use this program to make your life easier =http://www.osx86.net/files/file/850-...dit-pro-1-7-4/)
4. change the value of Bundle Version from 1.0.4 (or whatever your version is) to 1.0.5
5. save the changes and exit
6. Run the Game! 

source: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1658243


Agent X discovered that the trick is to change the info.plist back to 1.0.4. Then it works.

I can confirm !