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What will Apple name their new coming iPhone?

With it the new year and without doubt Apple are releasing another iOS device, and my question of the day what will they name it iPhone 5s or iPhone 6?


  • applelover 2111 days ago

    I dont know what its gonna be but i will buy it lol :D

  • Brian 2111 days ago

    MASphone - there's not a single piece of doubt in my mind. It's the phone for the MASses.

  • applefreak 2111 days ago


  • Joseph Barney 2108 days ago

    They'll call it the iPhone 5.xxx to attract more porn watchers. It's a conspiracy between Apple and carriers that have bandwidth limits to share in the profits. hahaha! Actually, I've read articles that say Apple products are being used by government more and more. Maybe they should name the next set of iPhones the "iGov." Since in the USA it's "we the people" it'd be more of a participatory government. Or they could have custom "ROMS" for different functions so you could help build custom ROMS or download stock ROMS just like Android users do. Now that'd be cool. To heck with jailbreaking, I want to ROM my iPhone. I'll make one called "iCool." hehe