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Started by Maro Allen 1943 days ago Replies (9)

What the heck are they going to call it? They have Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow leopard, Lion, And Mountain Lion. what's Going to be next? Robo-Lion?


  • Brian 1943 days ago


  • Brian 1942 days ago

    Ok, who's gonna take this one? Me? .....o ...k

    Valdemar, ....a-bear-is-not-a-cat ! 

    a cat goes 'miauuu', and a bear goes 'RUN AND HIDE IN TF2 THERE'S A FLAME THROWER COMIN'!"

  • Brian 1942 days ago
    Cat Species Classification
    There are currently 36 cat species.
  • applelover 1942 days ago

    New guess: Clouded Leopard. And even better: Sunda Clouded Leopard! :D

  • Brian 1942 days ago

    OMG ! I thought you were joking. There actually IS a cat called 'Clouded Leopard' !

    Turn on the Apple logo at the top of your flag post and raise the pirate flag, Valdemar has spotted the obvious.

    I'm baffled here. Why are we not reading about this in the press, but instead we got our favorite MASter Valdemar spilling the beans.

    All members on MyAppleSpace bows to the young padawan in respect.

  • applelover 1942 days ago

    Padawan? Im a Sunda Clouded Leopard! Muhahaha :D

    (Im a genious) :D

  • Brian 1942 days ago

    Luke, Obiwan has tought you well, but I am your father (insert breating-through-a-mask sound)


    I wonder what will happen with Game Center in Clouded Leopard? I KNOW we're getting Siri ...right? Oh please say we're getting Siri. I also want the Apple Maps solution for my desktop. Las Vegas, get ready for the Father Brian flyover !

    There are so many exciting things happening. WWDC only 3 months away ! Which only means one thing:

    Keynote Insomnia

  • applelover 1942 days ago