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Samsung predicts massive profit decline, blames slumping smartphone sales

By Brian 1624 days ago Comments (4)

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South Korean electronics giant Samsung on Tuesday warned investors that it is set to announce a quarterly profit decline of as much as 26 percent year-over-year, citing weak smartphone demand and increased competition in China and Europe as the shortfall's primary drivers.

Trouble in paradise? That next iPhone 6 probably won't help either ...


  • Joseph Barney 1563 days ago

    I wonder what joys the new iPhone will bring.

  • Brian 1560 days ago

    Everyone will celebrate the HUGE iPhone. Until they get one. Then they'll want something "more portable". I can't believe Apple fell for the clueless demands from the marketplace. Especially when "50% of iPhone buyers are former Android users". Can someone please send Cook an email?

    At least they should have KEPT the small form factor iPhone in the lineup. This is a big mistake and for the first time since Cook took over, I have to say it even though it's not fair, but Steve would have never made that move. He would have kept the old iPhone size which they had researched was the perfect form factor for the hand.

    That said, Samsung is going down, like the wall of Berlin. Just wait for it.

  • Joseph Barney 1559 days ago

    I think you're right but with a twist. I think they should keep making a 5S series at the same size along with the bigger ones. That way everyone's happy. Oh and add NFC and the other features of the iPhone 6 to the 5S. Personally, I'd like a bigger phone because of my eyesight. However, I can see the benefits of a smaller display for people in general.

  • Brian 1559 days ago

    Yes that's what I meant with "At least they should have KEPT the small form factor iPhone in the lineup". They should have kept the regular size. I was absolutely SURE they would NEVER kill the normal size iPhones.

    I'm very excited about ´ú┐Pay - I'm trying to find out more details on it.