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Apple TV Currently in Flux

By Brian 1585 days ago Comments (1)

Categories: Rumor


Apple TV

Currently in flux.



Positioned as Apple's "hobby" project, the Apple TV could evolve into a key product as Apple works to revolutionize the television industry through revamped content delivery systems and hardware. Another set-top box is in the works and it could be followed by an Apple television set in the future.


  • $99
  • 20+ content channels
  • AirPlay support
  • Possible refresh ahead
  • Full television being prototyped


  • Brian 1585 days ago

    Apple TV is one of the products I am most excited about. For many reasons. The domino effects of this product being released with an App Store and possibly 'reinventing' television are mindboggling. How big an effect does the television have on our world today? Massive would be an understatement. Changing television will change the world, more than any other product Apple has ever released. The personal computer was a strike at the television, and today people watch less and less television. Changing the television itself, I think will open up the television set to anyone, and bypass the 'gatekeepers'. 

    In my mind, nothing could be bigger. Insanely insane.