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What are the best stories about people randomly meeting Steve Jobs?


I had left a company called Taligent with a few other folks in the mid-90s and we had been cooped up in a small office in a strip mall in Los Altos working on the  idea we thought was pretty cool.

The product was a browser with built-in multimedia/animation support so you could build the sort of full-screen animated experiences you had on CD-ROMs (except with markup) and transmit it across the web. This was in the days when HTML barely had support for gifs and way before Flash, so we thought it could open up a lot of new possibilities.

Once we had a decent running demo I started showing it around. At some point I had the notion that I'd like to get feedback from Jobs. I had been a big fan -- one of my first applications in college was on an Apple IIe and my first consulting job ever was working on the C++ compiler at Apple in the 80's.

He was at NeXT by this time. So I wrote him there and mentioned what we'd been working on and asked for advice. To my surprise I got a note back from his secretary saying Steve wanted to meet.