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Using Automator to Batch Rename Your Images on Mac


  • Brian 2118 days ago

    Yes these things are extremely handy at times. You don't use it very often, but when you need it, you save hours of work sometimes.

    I use the AppleScript menu for easy access to these functionalities.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Perhaps we should make a Wiki page where people can navigate the various automator scripts ....

  • Archiblog 2118 days ago

    A collection of useful Automator scripts would be good.

  • Archiblog 2118 days ago

    @Brian - 

    "I use the AppleScript menu for easy access to these functionalities."

    What do you mean?


  • Brian 2118 days ago

    Sorry, I was not very clear. 

    You can turn on the AppleScript menu in AppleScript Editor app > Preferences. Actually I just finished adding a link to a tutorial on this, from the description area of the AppleScript Space

  • Archiblog 2118 days ago

    @Brian -

    Thanks! This is new to me - I'll study the how-to by Chris Breier you link to in your AppleScript Space.

  • Brian 2118 days ago

    Then I'm very glad I put it up in the space. Spread the word. I've been using this AppleScript menu for many years. I can't remember how long back I had it, but it's back on the Mac OS 9 and before that I think.

    WHEN you need it, it's a life saver.

  • applefreak 2118 days ago

    Applescript since system 7
    commands :

    Automator, easier in use
    not as many errors than in Applescript

  • Brian 2118 days ago

    Yes AppleScript was introduced in System 7, but I wonder when the 'AppleScript menu' in the top bar became possible?

    Automator is definitely the way to go if you want to create your own scripts. Agreed. I love Automator. I must admit that I have not used it very much so far, because the AppleScript Menu takes care of my needs most of the time. But I like that it's there if I need it and I'm sure it's a life saver to a lot of people.

  • applefreak 2118 days ago

    people didn't use hypercard, because they didn't understand or experienced what to do/make with it
    people doesn't experience te possibilities

    it's just an app
    you learn by try ... and error
    the more there are "scripts" already made for you ready to use
    the less you try

    it's a 'modern' way of thinking (or not thinking)
    they explaine, vague, a 'problem' on a forum
    and hope someone else give (asap) the answer, and not with words - not explaining how you can come to the solution, no, they expect a downloadable, usable script/app
    the next time they have a little 'problem' .......

  • Brian 2118 days ago

    Yes that's very true :)

    I wonder if there is a similar Automator menu (like AppleScript Menu)

  • applefreak 2117 days ago

    there is no need for a 'separated' automator menu

    automator is build in the finder menus (control click on a file - popup menu)

    look at



    Try : The first movie browser workflow