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ArchiCAD on Wikipedia


ArchiCAD is an architectural BIM CAD software for Macintosh and Windows developed by the Hungarian companyGraphisoft. ArchiCAD offers specialized solutions for handling all common aspects of aesthetics and engineering during the whole design process of the built environment — buildings, interiors, urban areas, etc.

Development of ArchiCAD started in 1982 for the original Apple Macintosh. ArchiCAD is recognized as the first CADproduct on a personal computer able to create both 2D drawings and parametric 3D geometry.[1] In its debut in 1987 ArchiCAD also became the first implementation of BIM under Graphisoft's "Virtual Building" concept.[2] Today more than 100,000 architects are using it in the building design industry.[3]



  • applefreak 2154 days ago

    is it viable to discuss each existing software on MAS ?


  • Brian 2154 days ago

    I leave it up to people to create the spaces they think is interesting, and I leave it up to people to choose which threads they wish to 'discuss'. 

    So who should make a decision about 'which' software is allowed to be disucssed? You? Me?

    Isn't freedom better than limitations?

  • applefreak 2154 days ago


     Radar CH (ArchiCAD 1.0) made for the Lisa 2, a separated 2D and 3D module, i have seen it in 1984 on Flanders Technology - Gent, but the configuration, computer, software and plotter wasn't affordable at all

    I waited, and used MiniCad and Ashlar Vellum until 1991 I moved to ArchiCad v3 on a maxed out Quadra 700 with a RGB hires and a two page display, pen plotter Houston A0 ... it wasn't cheap either, 

    Making library elements, iit's usefull to learn it with GDL Cookbook 3 & 4


  • Brian 2154 days ago

    We had 30 visitors in the past 30 days, who searched for "apple lisa" "radar ch". They stayed for a total of more than 3 hours, browsing more than 215 pages on the site. lol. 

    I always wanted to play around with software where you can design houses and interiours. SketchUp is more on my skill level.

    How is the industry? Does a lot of people use Macs in the architect and engineering world today?

  • applefreak 2153 days ago

    Apple IIgs
    DYOH Architecture, design your own home

  • applefreak 2153 days ago

    there are a lot architects working on Mac,
    ArchiCad, now there are Windows and Mac versions
    the early starters, they had no choice, it was a mac or nothing

    But for engineering, it's all Windows, there is no realy good software for the Macintosh
    and i do not mean CAD, but the necessary related software