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  • Apple TV, imagined by Steve Jobs to be Apple's "fourth leg," now becomes its sixth

Apple TV, imagined by Steve Jobs to be Apple's "fourth leg," now becomes its sixth


By Daniel Eran Dilger

While Steve Jobs described Apple TV as potentially becoming Apple's "fourth leg" supporting the company in 2007, there are now five major business "legs" ahead of it.


  • applefreak 2134 days ago

    Apple TV, the


  • Brian 2133 days ago

    ha ha, the wooden leg ;)

    Yeah it's not a big business for Apple, but on the other hand they are selling way more than the other guys I think. I read that somewhere, but I forget.

    Here are some fresh numbers from Google: 1,3 million in Q4 2012: http://thenextweb.com/apple/2012/10/25/apple-sold-xm-apple-tvs-in-q4-2012/

    I'm hoping they sell enough to release that App Store Steve Jobs hinted to in a few of his interviews. Mainly because I can't wait to see what Apps for the television might look like?!?

  • Brian 2133 days ago

    Ah who cares about Sony - I want the TV App Store from Apple.

  • applefreak 2133 days ago

    @ Brian

    you see numbers, I see that enthusiasm fades, and

    bad or semi-finished products (hard- and software) to scramble, Apple TV unable to self-update, bad power supplys, bad graphic cards, a graphic card from a $300 portable in a mac mini, ...... Apple Maps, iTunes and dynamic smart playlists, correct filemanagement with 'save as'?, no ZFS file system, .....

  • Brian 2133 days ago

    Yes I think it's very important if a 'not so good hardware' product is selling, rather than a 'very good hardware' product is not selling very well.

    I do see numbers. They are what ends up deciding if a product lives or dies.

    I'm not sure how you see fading enthusiasm?

  • Brian 2133 days ago

    or wait, maybe you mean 'enthusiasm' in the sense that Apple itself is loosing it's enthusiasm?

  • applefreak 2132 days ago


    no i see long time Apple users loose there enthusiasm

    we had, i think, already a discussion about it, products not deliverable or not available, bad electronic elements, death before two year of use, exuberant prices in continents other than nort america

  • Brian 2132 days ago

    Oh I see. Well not this long time Apple user :)

    I'm sorry to be so positive, but to me things look exactly the opposite. 90% of my friends has switched from PC to Mac and are loving it, preaching it left and right making more people switch.

    Apple got:
    - the highest customer satisfaction in the industry
    - the biggest customer base in their history
    - highest turnover ever 

    At the same the problems you are pointing out are probably there, but they just don't seem to slow down anything so far.

  • Brian 2132 days ago

    I mean, don't you think the 90's were the real horror compared to now?

    Extreme prices, little to no innovation, schrinking user base with Mac users switching to PC (but not me of course!), people arguing about how many months Apple had left before bankrupcy. Those were the gloomy days. Today Apple has a 20% global market share.