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iPhone 6

By Alex Stone Gaston 1500 days ago Comments (1)

Categories: News

Picked up the 128GB iPhone 6 yesterday. I choose the 6 over the 6+ as I use it as a phone and not an iPad. The 6+ is just too big for normal phone use and the 6 is perfect. There were no 128GBs 6+ iPhone in any Apple Stores in  California but I did find the 6 in Northridge and they only had 1.


  • Brian 1498 days ago


    The iPhone 6+ is too big, I thought so too. But then I realized that I was considering an iPad mini instead of an iPod touch + iPad. The iPhone 6+ is between the iPod touch and the iPad mini.

    But for people who are not looking to get an iPad, the iPhone 6+ is way too big.