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How do I get the App Store?

By Brian 2114 days ago

There are those, who try to keep themselves up-to-date, but are not really ....well, successful at it. So somewhere between iMovies and iPads, a term was picked up: "The App Store".

What is it? And how do I get the App Store?!!

For the casual iPhone browsing john doe, there are so many new things being invented. Especially at Apple, the biggest company in the world.

Where is the App Store? How do you get it? If you are reading this on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, then the answer is: You already have it! It's built into every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The App Store is already in your hand.

It was released in 2008. One year after the first iPhone back in 2007. As of January 2013 more than 40 billion apps has been downloaded from the more than 800.000 app library.

So how do I get my hands on all those apps? How do I get the App Store? There's an app for that: Just click to open 'App Store' on your iOS device right now.

App Store